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Thanks to our strategic partnerships, we are able to place our clients on some of the absolute best podcasts.

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Everything we do here at Oscar Hamilton is data-driven and highly focused on ROI.

Don't take our word for it...

Nelson Dellis

Nelson Dellis is a 4x USA Memory Champion and one of the leading memory experts in the world, traveling around the world as a competitive Memory Athlete, Memory Consultant, Published Author and highly sought-after Keynote Speaker.

Jimmy Hickey

Jimmy is the founder of e-commerce brand, Findlay Hats. Founded in late 2013, they have grown from a 2 person team working out of a living room to a 12 person team in a warehouse.

With no outside funding, investors, they have grown to a community of over 100,000 strong with 7-figure revenue.

L. Sherilyn Cormier

Sherry Cormier is a psychologist who specializes in grief mentoring. She's the author of Sweet Sorrow: Finding Enduring Wholeness after Loss and Grief.

Loretta Breuning

Dr. Loretta Breuning is an author and founder of the Inner Mammal Institute, where she studies how chemicals effect our brains and our behaviors, and helps people manage and understand the ups and downs of their mammal brains.

Dr. Amir Rashidian

Dr. Amir Rashidian is the founder of the Mid-Atlantic Chiropractic Center, where the focus is improving health of people through drugless solutions.

He also wrote 'The StressProof Life', which documented the real-life stories of his most memorable patients while showing the readers the secret to becoming the kind of person who is able to handle any amount of stress on that journey toward greatness.

Travis Watts

Travis is the Director of Investor Relations at Ashcroft Capital, a national multifamily investment firm with more than $820M in assets under management where he has taken part in more than 30% of the Ashcroft opportunities.

Travis first investing in real estate since 2009 in multi-family, single-family and vacation rentals. 

Current and past clients:

Dr. Bill Dorfman

He’s known as the “Dentist To The Stars” – and with a client list that includes Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Usher, The Osborne’s, (Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly), and Brooke Burke. He has also appeared on “Good Morning America”, “The View”, Oprah, EXTRA, and “Access Hollywood” to name just a few. Dr. Bill Dorfman is also the co-founder of the LEAP Foundation, a non-profit organization geared towards teaching life skills to youth.

Yoav Vilner

Yoav is the CEO of Walnut, a no-code platform that allows sales teams to instantly create individually tailored and interactive product demos that improve sales experiences and conversions. The company has raised $56M in funding and its clients include exciting startups as well as giants like Adobe and Dell and others.

Caspar Szulc

He is a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine and the President and Co-Founder of Innovative Medicine. The New York Center for Innovative Medicine is a one-of-a-kind biological medicine facility that serves patients from around the world, including top CEOs and celebrities. Caspar has trained practitioners across 6 continents in a new integrative and personalized approach to medicine that has garnered the attention from top medical minds including Nobel Laureates.

Ariel Garten

She is the co-founder of Muse: the brain sensing headband that gives you real time feedback on that activity so you see what’s going on in your mind while you meditate therefore allowing you learn how to truly achieve a deep state of focus and increase mindfulness. Muse is used by researchers and clinicians at over 100 hospitals and universities all over the world including Harvard, NASA, MIT, and Mayo Clinic, as well as by famous athletes such as tennis star Novak Djokovic. 

Josh Anderson

He is an entrepreneur who breaths real estate. He has closed $86 million in real estate volume in 2018 alone. Before beginning his residential real estate career in 2006, Josh served 8 years in the U.S. Army, including a 10-month stint in Bagram, Afghanistan after 9/11. Josh's market expertise coupled with his superior negotiating skills truly set him apart from the rest.

Chris Chancey

He is the founder of Amplio Recruiting, an agency that helps great companies hire dependable employees from the refugee workforce. They have generated over $7M in revenue and placed over 4000 refugees living in the US into full time employment over the past 4 years.

Adam Hudson

He is the co-founder of Reliable Education and a seven-figure Amazon seller. His companies have funded over 7,000 interest-free micro-loans to entrepreneurs in third world countries and they have also funded thousands of free eye surgeries for the blind in Indonesia, a country where more than 4 million people are blind because of curable eye diseases.

Adriaan Zimmerman

He is the co-founder of Ned™, a wellness brand producing CBD oils. A quick video about the brand can be found here. Adriaan has a fascinating story, about confrontation with burnout and anxiety that led to a 2-year journey of exploration, nature, and human connection.

Joel Solomon

He is the Chairman of Renewal Funds, a $98 million mission venture capital firm. He has invested in over 100 early growth-stage companies, delivering above-market returns while catalyzing positive social and environmental change.

Some podcasts we work with & book guests on:

Fitness Confidential with Vinnie Tortorich
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The Unmistakable Creative with Srinivas Rao
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The MindValley Show with Vishen Lakhiani
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The Drive with Peter Attia
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Entrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas
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The Action Catalyst with Dan Moore
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The ONE Thing with Geoff Woods
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Innovation and Leadership with Jess Larsen
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Afford Anything Podcast with Paula Pant
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