Inbox Manager

For the past 6 years, we have been trusted by Fortune 500 brands, Y Combinator startups and some of the most exciting authors and entrepreneurs with podcasting.

We’re looking for a fully remote, self-employed contractors to join our team as Inbox Managers. Being an Inbox Manager means showing up Monday through Friday to help us get to 'inbox zero’ so we can work from a clean slate.

Next, you will learn how to respond (and how to think) like our team, gradually replying to more emails and handling tasks like scheduling, customer service, relationship management, or overall team coordination.

To be a stand-out Inbox Manager, you need to be:

1. Fluent in English with excellent verbal and written communication skills
2. Pedantic about spelling and grammar (annoyingly so)
3. A whiz with Gmail
4. Someone who loves systems, processes and organization
5. Tech savvy and excited about learning new software and platforms
6. Connected to fast, reliable internet through your own computer
7. Able to work remotely in a place with minimal distractions
8. A strong administrator and happy performing repetitive tasks
9. A chameleon writer who can change language and tone to match different clients
10. A proactive thinker who can anticipate what your clients may need

You'll start of as as part-time and then have the potential to become full-time once mastery has been achieved. All positions have a 30-day trial (paid) period during which your output will be evaluated against your effort.

Once you complete the training/trial period and have shown competency in all major areas, we will not micromanage you. You will be expected to get your job done right and done well, and keep us updated with weekly check-ins. Then we’ll leave you to get on with it in whatever work style and methods work best for you and your clients.

This is a long-term, reliable income position. All members of our team have their own passion projects, so receiving a reliable amount of consistent income each month allows each of us to pursue the things we truly love.

Interested? Answer the following questions:

1. Our team is made up of A-Players who want to grow with our company and clients for the long term, not individuals looking for a short-term gig. Please explain how you see this role fitting into your future plans.

2. If we assigned you a Gmail client with a backlog of forty thousand emails, what first steps would you take to get their inbox under control?