Launch a remarkable podcast in 4 weeks.

Most podcasts don't ever get serious traction.

With our help, you'll launch a podcast that stands out, gets heard, and builds a real connection with your ideal audience.

1. Strategic planning: Through in-depth conversation, we will combine your ideas with our podcast expertise to form a detailed, professional outline that lays the foundation for your podcast.

2. Heavy lifting: We will create custom podcast cover image, record professional voiceover intro and outro segment, create and submit your podcasts’ feed to iTunes/Stitcher/Google Play, set up your media host of choice and optimize your show for SEO within podcasting directories.

3. Launch & promotion: The launch campaign ensures your podcast is seen by thousands of people in it’s first weeks, with the goal of expanding your audience and hitting #1 in its category on iTunes New & Noteworthy.

Podcast Launch Package


Go from an idea to a running a remarkable podcast that stands out in an era of content abundance.