TERMS FOR PODCASTING SERVICES. By submitting discovery questions, you agree to the terms of ClientValley Ltd, dba OscarHamilton.com.

  1. ClientValley Ltd. agrees to provide previously agreed number of podcast bookings for Client.
  2. ClientValley Ltd. will take care of vetting, scheduling and all the necessary communication between Client and podcast host(s).
  3. Client agrees to be present (remotely) for the booked interviews.
  4. ClientValley Ltd will use reasonable efforts to target podcasts that Client has specified.
  5. Client agrees to compensate ClientValley Ltd. at the previously agreed rate.
  6. Client reserves the right to refuse one podcast in total that may cause harm to Client’s company reputation or business interest or that is not aligned with Client’s views and beliefs. In said event, Client shall not be charged for said podcast.
  7. All of the interviews will be scheduled within 60 days after receiving the necessary information from Client.